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Diamonds and precious stones: how to score a "Great looking" less

When we think of Hollywood jewels, one thing that never changes: the bigger the better. While diamond jewelry of rich and famous always trends toward larger stones, unconventional designs, there is no reason the rest of us can’t get action and add a little Hollywood glamour to our gems. If you have an open mind and a modern sense of style that you can pick up a diamond ring inspired by celebrities for a fraction of the price you would expect. There are a few tricks that you can use easily to get the look of large stones for less.

Consider your cutting and setting

The first consideration is cut. Oval cut and other diamonds in the shape of “fantasia” are, these cuts are often for larger diamonds trying to standard round brilliant cut or princess cut diamonds. Try especially PEAR, Marquise or oval shaped diamonds, which have an elongated shape which gives them the appearance of a higher carat weight than a traditional round brilliant diamond weight or carats princess cut himself. The result is a great looking ring for less than would be possible with a traditional cut.

The second consideration is the setting. Another way to get a big “wow” factor is to opt for a cluster environment, combining several gems together in one room. We all know that the rarity of diamonds is what makes them valuable. But the larger diamonds are more rare than smaller diamonds, which means that a single 1 Carat Diamond is more valuable than two diamonds of a carat. Multi stone settings allows a higher combined carat weight at a lower price than would be possible with a single diamond of the same carat weight. A common example of a setting of multi-stone is the three diamond setting, which can be used as an engagement ring, a past, present and future of ring or an anniversary ring.

We also saw a lot of multi stone settings in celebrity engagement rings, including the engagement ring of wildly popular halo style. This vintage inspired setting a stone centre surrounded by a ring of smaller stones that the main accent stone and provide features added sparkle. The bonus is that there is no reason to limit yourself to a white diamond Center stone (think of engagement ring of Princess Kate famous Sapphire glow advocates originally owned by Princess Diana). An alternative can reduce the price considerably without sacrificing style. Emeralds, sapphires, rubies and even less expensive gemstones such as Garnet, amethyst and Topaz (which comes in a rainbow of colors) can do to vibrant engagement rings. A halo of small diamonds surrounding a coloured gem boldly means that you still have the wow factor of diamonds without the cost of a ring featuring a diamond as the main stone.

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