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10 hair care Myths and facts exposed

We have heard stories of all old wives: your hair 100 strokes every night before bed to make it thick and healthy! Trim your hair regularly to grow faster! In this article, I’ll tell you what, if any, of these stories are true, and those that are pure myth.

Myth # 1: frequent cuts will make your hair grow faster.

Truth: the hair grows at a rate of about an inch every month and cut that does not change. The truth is that frequent Trims will be to get rid of split ends, so the hair looks nicer and they don’t break as easily, which can give the appearance of faster growth.

Myth # 2: Stress can cause baldness.

Truth: All normally loses an average of approximately 50-120 strands of hair every day. Extremely high levels of stress, from major life changes such as divorce or job loss can cause an increase in hair loss, as can other chemical changes in the body such as pregnancy or antibiotics. But is not permanent-once the stress is gone, the amount of hair fall will be back to normal and, indeed, all the hair will regrow lost.

Myth # 3: you must change often using shampoo for healthy hair growth.

Truth: don’t build a hair shampoo resistance; It cannot tell the difference. It’s a bit like saying that changing your laundry detergent on a regular basis will make clothes cleaner. However, if your hair is very fat or if you use a lot of hair products to style your hair, then use a clarifying shampoo every couple of weeks to remove all the buildup (caused by using various hairstyling products).

Myth # 4: gray hair plucking just makes more of them grow back.

Truth: inheritance determines how much you’ll get grey. But refrain from pulling out, as it may cause damage to the roots.

Myth # 5: Rinse with cold water will make your hair shinier.

Truth: Rinse your hair with cold water has no effect on your hair shine.

Myth # 6: hair dye can cause serious damage.

Truth: This was true in the past, but the products of home and Salon today are much more gentle on the hair. In fact, most of them now contain agents conditioning leaving hair dye better before!

Myth # 7: your hair 100 strokes every night to make it bright and shiny.

Truth: You should only brush the hair to remove tangles or style. But be careful not to brush your hair too vigorously or too often, as may cause breakage and damage to hair follicles.

Myth # 8: there’s no way to add volume to thin hair, plates.

Truth: all you need to do is to roll on large hot rollers to add extra body to your hair very straight.

Myth # 9: should be “shampoo lather, rinse and repeat.

Truth: lather and rinse, Yes. But unless your hair is very dirty, it is not necessary to repeat the lather and rinse again.

Myth # 10: using the correct hair products will repair split ends.

Truth: the only cure for split ends is a haircut.

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