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A detailed overview of pinched nerve in the neck

A trapped nerve in the neck occurs when a nerve in the neck under too much pressure from tissues, such as tendons, muscles, cartilage and bones. The function of the nerve is interrupted by this pressure, which can cause pain, numbness, tingling or weakness in the neck. Recovering from a pinched nerve in the neck is possible within a few days or weeks with conservative treatments and rest. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to undergo surgery to relieve the nerve of the neck.

What are the symptoms of pinched nerve in the neck?

The signs and symptoms of a pinched nerve in the neck include:

-Decrease the sensation or numbness of neck nerve supplied.
-Burns or severe pain that may radiate outwards from the neck. Because the nerve is most likely straight from the spinal cord, the pain is aggravated by sneezing or coughing.
-Paraesthesia or “pins and needles” tingling sensations.
-Muscle spasms or weakness in the neck muscle.
-Frequent feeling that the neck is “asleep”.

When you are asleep, the problem could get worse.

What are the causes of a pinched nerve in the neck?

When a nerve in the neck is overly compressed or under too much pressure from surrounding tissue, this can cause the nerve get pinched. In some cases, this can be tissue cartilage or bone of the neck where is compressed a nerve root in the area. In other cases, the tendons or muscles may be the culprits.

Many conditions can cause tissue compressing the nerves or a nerve in the neck. Some common factors that cause or contribute to nerve pressure in the neck include injury, hobbies, obesity, arthritis, poor posture, sports activities and stress from repetitive work.

The function of the nerve in the neck is disturbed by this pressure and results in inflammation of the nerve. Generally, there is no permanent damage if a nerve is pinched for only a short period. However, permanent nerve damage and chronic pain may occur if pressure continues.

What are the treatments and medicines to cure the nerve pinched in the neck?

The neck at rest is a treatment that encourages more. Any activities that aggravate or cause the compression must be stopped. In order to immobilize the neck, a brace of the neck may be required. Other treatment options for a trapped nerve in the neck include:

-Physical therapy

How to prevent neck pain nerve?

A trapped nerve in the neck can be prevented with the help of the following measures:

-Maintain good posture.
-Integrate flexibility and strength exercises in your regular exercise routine.
-Take frequent breaks after indulging in such activities and reduce repetitive tasks.
-Maintain a healthy weight.

It is evident that the neck nerve can be quite painful and can cause a lot of pain, if not treated in time. Fortunately, pinched nerve in the neck can be avoided, and if it does occur, it can be treated as well.

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  1. great......rest is the best treatment for the neck pain ...........

  2. They say that the common medical treatment for a pinched nerve is the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to decrease pain, but this treatment doesn’t take the pressure off the nerve, it only covers up the problem. Is it true?

    Andrew John